École de L'Espace accredited Clearing Method Master

I've been blessed with the opportunity to live overseas for many years. Leveraging the language and intercultural communication skills I cultivated through this experience, I worked as an inbound fixer, helping foreign media crews produce documentaries in Japan. My passion for volunteering led me to join activities in the tsunami-devastated Tohoku region as well as several developing countries. I thrive on connecting people and worked for a non-profit organization for several years.


Overworking and stress kickstarted a downward spiral of imbalance, which I crawled out of by getting in touch with my body and spirit through yoga and meditation. In 2011, I was introduced to the Clearing Method and registered for the professional course in 2015. After learning how to take responsibility for my own energy and work on other people's energy, I successfully obtained my diploma in 2017. 


I offer sessions in hope that as many people as possible will be able to reconnect with their true selves.